Total lunar eclipse over Ireland and Europe 2019

There will be a very rare Total "Blood Moon" eclipse over Irenad and most of Europe on the morning of Monday, January 21st 2019.

A total lunar eclipse is when the Earth is in perfect alignment between the sun and the moon. This casts a shadow on the moon and the light that is bent around the earth gets diffracted causing a red colour to pass over the moon. This is truly spectacular.

We would recommend looking out at the following times to see the most beautiful stages of the occurrence!


  • 3:50 AM for the beginning of the totality
  • 4:35 AM for a beautiful image of half the moon covered in red.
  • 5:12 AM for the Maximum eclipse (full red moon!)
  • 6:36 AM for the ending of the eclipse

We would love to see your pictures of the eclipse and the best pictures will be entered in a draw for a nice prize. Enter by emailing and sharing on social media at #schullplanetarium Best of luck!

Let’s hope the weather is good!